【Flash Sale】TEN SCIENCE Ultra Light Leg Day & Night Kit
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【Flash Sale】TEN SCIENCE Ultra Light Leg Day & Night Kit

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Buy  TEN SCIENCE No Cell X-treme Drain Gell 300ml (normal price: RM398)

Get 1 TEN SCIENCE No Cell Nocturnina + Advanced Tri-phase Anti-cellulite Treatment 30x10ml at only RM114.6 with 83% discount (normal price: RM674)

Free 1 TEN SCIENCE Original Pouch and Perfect Experience Pack 6x10ml

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【No Cell Nocturnina + Advanced Tri-phase Anti-cellulite Treatment】

NOCTURNINA + ADVANCED, the evolution of the 3 phase anti cellulite treatment for 30 nights.

  1. Detox phase - first 10 nights an innovative, soft gel enriched with oxygen releaser which carries out a detoxifying action by promoting oxygenation.  
  2. Drain phase - the next 10 nights a fast absorbing cream with a draining effect, containing caffeine that promotes the mobilization of excess fluids.1
  3. Destock phase - the last 10 nights a soft emulsion containing a mixture of plant extracts, for helping lipolytic and destocking action. 

30 handy pre packed sachets, which in just 30 nights helps you to combat the orange peel effect and other cellulite imperfections. Your skin looks toned, smooth and firm and localized body fat is reduced , for light and defined legs. 


How to use:

Use one sachet at a time before going to bed.

Phase 1 on the 1st to 10th days, phase 2 on the 11th to 20th days, phase 3 on the 21st to 30th days.

Apple from the entire legs to the abdomen, gently massage with circular movements in an upward motion to encourage drainage.

【No Cell X-treme Drain Gell】

Draining gel with a light texture.

This product has been formulated to help fight cellulite imperfections, encourage the drainage of excess liquids and revitalize tissues.

This is thanks to the X-Treme No Cell Complex which stimulates the active ingredients inside, Caffeine, in a gradual and controlled way, long lasting results.


How to use: 

Apply twice daily to the treatment areas, and massage with circular movements, pressing gently in an upward motion to encourage drainage.