5 Reasons You Need Home Care

5 Reasons You Need Home Care

Why is home care so important?


If you find it cumbersome and easy to forget to take care of at home, or if you don't feel the benefit of doing it yourself, you may want to read this blog to the end.


First of all, our skin and body seem to stay constant all the time, but the truth is not.

Our body is made up of about 60 trillion cells, each of which is replaced in the form of metabolism over a period of time.
The reason why our appearance remains young and beautiful is that it is constantly transformed into young cells by repeated metabolism, and the oldest of them is the visible skin.
However, when excess water, toxins, active oxygen, and extra substances accumulate in our body, blood circulation is impeded and metabolic disorders are caused, which leads to the accumulation of body fat, the production of cellulite, and the lack of elasticity on our skin.

The main reason for this is a modern lifestyle.

Compared to decades ago, humans have drastically reduced their activity due to more driving and more office work.

This sedentary lifestyle puts pressure on our back thighs, causing considerable defects and accumulating cellulite.

Furthermore, in modern urban life, car exhaust, noise, viruses, lights and blue lights that stay on until late at night cause stress and hormonal imbalance, and eat countless kinds of additives, that is also one of the factors of poor blood circulation.

Unfortunately, our human body has not yet evolved enough to keep blood flow smooth even with this lifestyle.

In other words, even if we live as usual, we are prone to poor blood circulation every day,  and cellulite and body fat are prone to accumulate.


Secondly, to be honest, all human beings are equally aging in our skin and body, no matter what our lifestyle.

It happens to any species as long as it lives on earth, even for those who move a lot on a regular basis, rarely sit down, and pay close attention to their diet.

This is unavoidable reality, and no matter how often you can take salon-quality treatments to delay cell aging, they cannot be completely stopped.


Thirdly, the LPG treatments do not stop the metabolism on fat cells or make skin cells faster than normal.

It is a natural care that based on physiological action to brings the decrease in metabolism caused by factors such as modern lifestyle and aging process, closer to the rhythm of it that we originally had, and is a cell activation stimulus for that purpose.

Therefore, the best way to proceed with the treatment is to re-promote the metabolism that be going to slow down day by day, by regularly taking LPG treatment, while at the same time keep it active in your daily life as long as possible.


As a mother and as a woman, I understand how difficult It is to change the amount of exercise and eating habits at once, but if you try to rely solely on it, bold reforms will be inevitable.

However, if you wish to challenge with modern technology and the great blessings of nature, it is possible in just one simple step.


Fourthly, after taking LPG treatment, as fibroblasts are rejuvenated begin to reconstruct skin tissue, whatever placed on the skin are easier to penetrate than usual.

This applies not only to moisturizing ingredients, but also to ingredients such as caffeine and polyphenols that improve blood flow and promote fat burning.

The skin is the largest organ in our body, and its reconstruction naturally requires a large amount of nutrients and energy.

Unlike momentary treatment such as injections or surgery, LPG treatment activates our skin's natural ability to regenerate, so it continues to work and consume the necessary nutrients after the treatment.


Finally, the human body secretes different hormones during daytime and nighttime.

During the day, the certain hormones are secreted to utilize the nutrients stored in the body to make power, and for breaking down it taken in by the diet.

At night, the different hormones are secreted to store the nutrients as fats or cellulites, and for use it cell repair and immunity.

Even if you take treatment frequently, you will not be able to feel the visible effect if fats or cellulites are accumulated more than the cell activity.

In other words, if you can combine activate cells during the day to increase energy consumption with reduce excess accumulation at night, it will be easier to feel changes in your skin and body.


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