Natural Home Treatment Fair

Natural Home Treatment Fair

【Natural Home Treatement Fair】

1st - 14th June 2021


Worry about your skin, but are you stressed out because you haven't been able to take a professional treatment at salon?


But don't worry!

All the cosmetics we handle are professional use of skin care salon exclusive products.

It contains plenty of the same active ingredients as the cosmetics used in the salon treatments, so you can easily and even safely continue genuine skin care at home!


This month we will feature CASMARA moisturizing cosmetics which are the most important for maintaining healthy and beautiful skin.



Have you ever had a dehydrate or taut sensation after washing your face with tap water?

Of cause, tap water is "just water", so it does not contain any active ingredients for your skin.



But wouldn't it be great if the water rejuvenates your skin and makes it feel better every time you wash your face?

In most cases, however, your skin will be clean after washing, but it will not be activated.

The cause is obvious, because tap water is "just water".

And the same is true for skin care cosmetics.


As a major premise, cosmetics mainly consist of the following five types of ingredients.

1) Water

2) Purified water or water-soluble ingredients with moisturizing effect

3) Surfactant

4) Oil-soluble content

5) Active ingredient


There are various types of skin care cosmetics such as liquids, gels, and creams, and although the proportions that are blended vary depending on the viscosity, almost all products except oil contain water.

The reason is that many of the ingredients that are effective for the skin are water-soluble, and it is necessary to dissolve them in water in order to deliver those ingredients to the skin.

In the case of liquids and gels, the proportion of water in the product may be up to half.

And if all that water is not "just water" but "functional water", don't you feel that the effect on your skin will be much higher?



This is the secret behind the effectiveness of CASMARA Hydra Lifting products.

It contains "concentrated seawater" instead of water.

Seawater is the most balanced and most natural material in nature.

It contains a lot of minerals, of which Atoligomer®︎ stimulates fibroblast vitality by 450%.

Fibroblasts are cells that exist in the dermis of the skin and produse substances essential for skin moisturization and elasticity, such as collage, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.

Atoligomer®︎ also stimulates keratinocyte vitality by 300% and increase moisturization.

This will protect your skin from bacterias, UV rays, and other skin stresses cause dehydrate and sensitivity.


CASMARA Hydra Lifting products also contain other marine active ingredients from the sea.

For example, an abnormal protein called progerin that accelerates skin ageing tend to increase with age, but an active ingredient called Juvenessence®︎ obtained from Alaria Esculenta, which is known as a winged seaweed, directly affects the production of progerin.

This will stop and reverse the cellular ageing process.

In short it is a global active ingredient that improves all cellular progresses and provides a more youthful appearance.


What's more, it also contains a seaweed ingredient that can stimulate sirtuin-1, a protein that makes cells last longer.

Its gratifyng ingredient is Fucogel®︎, which rejuvenates skin cells and improves metabolic function.

It forms a film similar to the high molecular weight hyaluronic acid in the ocean and soothes the skin.


Dehydration is the first sign that can be the root cause of all ageing phenomena.

It becomes vulnerable to irritation and accelerates the skin ageing process.

Specifically, aged skin loses elasticity and causes poor circulation, and excess liquid that accumulates in the lower part of the face, stretching and sagging the skin.

Conversely, the upper half of the face becomes undernourished, and the dermis, whose metabolism has declined, cannot support the epidermis and wrinkles are deposited.


Therefore, CASMARA Hydra Lifting products an active ingredient called Matrigenics 14g extracted from wakame kelp.

It reactivates 14 genes that reactivate extracellular matrix reconstruction, restores skin elasticity, restores firmness to the face line, and reduces wrinkle on the forehead, laugh lines around the mouth.




【Natural Home Treatement Fair】

1st - 14th June 2021

With the CASMARA Hydra Lifting product especially made from the gift of nature, we are now offering such a valued deal so that you can enjoy skin care at home even among protracted MCO.


Purchase any two of CASMARA Hydra Lifting's two types of serums and two types of creams in the single receipt, come with free CASMARA Marine Cleanser Natural (150ml) that contains Fucogel®︎, completes makeup removal, face washing, and toner in one step.

Enter this promotion code: 【Marineorigine】on the checkout.


Discover to enjoy blessings from the sea CASMARA Hydra Lifting cosmetics from the image below!



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