Mid Year Beauty Rescue Sale!

Mid Year Beauty Rescue Sale!

【Mid Year Beauty Rescue Sale】

7th - 31st July 2021


Do you enjoy your home treatment?

I think that some of you are seeing changes in your lifestyle and eating habits during the prolonged lockdown on your skin and body.

It's not easy to stay healthy while staying at home without going out and meeting people.

Still, one day we will be out again and talk to a lot of people, so why not look back on yourself and be ready to meet people anytime soon?


In Japan, at this time of Tanabata, a strip of paper with wish written on bamboo leave is hung and prayed toward the stars.

We have prepared these kinds of promotion with the hope that be loved Malaysian people will be able to return to your healthy and beauty daily lives as soon as possible!!




If you feel that you have changed your body shape even though you haven't gained much weight, you are in the Cellulite Reserve.

Do you feel cold when you touch your thighs, stomach, or buttocks?

That is a sign of the Cellulite.

When excess water and toxins accumulate in your body due to lack of exercise or daily work out, blood circulation becomes poor and the body becomes prone to cellulite.

Of course, exercising is the best way to improve the poor blood circulation, but in the current situation where that doesn't work, there is no choice but to take other measures, right?

That's why TEN SCIENCE’s Nocturnina drainage program helps such a body.

Based on the body clock, while sleeping at night, phase 1 to replenish oxygen to restore blood flow in capillaries, phase 2 to break down cellulite and fat into small pieces to promote drainage, and activate fat cells to prevent from accumulation of cellulite with phase 3, this 30-days continuation program affects your skin from inside the tissue.

It's very easy to use, just open one sachet each night before going to bed and let it penetrate upwards, on the abdomen and lower body.

It's the same as applying body cream to moisturize, don't even have to massage hard.

When you wake up the next morning, you will feel that your legs are lighter and lighter.


For more information on TEN SCIENCE cosmetics, please visit this link below.




Are you not making up often and are more concerned about the original condition of your bare skin, or are you getting more rough skin due to frequent use of masks? 

Or, have you ever tried make-up for going out after a long time and felt that something was different and didn't feel right?


It's easy to forget, but when the body is poorly circulated, the face is the same.

The skin on the face is so thin that the stagnant lymph and veins often show through and make the complexion look pale.

In poorly circulated skin, metabolism is delayed and old pigmented keratin accumulated on the surface of the skin for long time.


With a foam-free, sensitive skin-friendly CASMARA cleanser, wash away dead skin cells and restore smooth skin and healthy look.

There are three types of CASMARA cleanser, 3-in-1 Deep Cleanser is containing antioxidant Green Tea for all skin types, Balancing Cleanser is containing highly antioxidant Goji Berry and emollient Avocado oil, and Marine Cleanser is containing Fucogel®︎, a seaweed extract with high moisturizing effect.

When using it as a make-up remover, apply an appropriate amount on the skin and gently blend it with the make-up in a circular motion.

Then add water little by little emulsify, and when it feels light, rinse with plenty of water.

It doesn't foam very much, so it may seem unsatisfactory at first for those who are accustomed to washing their face with plenty of foam.

However, after washing your face with CASMARA Cleanser, you can feel addicted to the refreshing feeling that even the pores have been washed, and at the same time you can feel the moist feeling without losing the moisture of the skin.


Please visit the link below to get more details of CASMARA cosmetics.



For enquiry, please contact us at our salon or WhatsApp below. 


In 2021, it was less than half in no time.

We wish you a more beautiful and healthy year than last year.

Mom & Baby Skincare Club is always there to support your beautiful life!



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