【MAX 85%OFF】LPG Body Monthly Pass

The LPG body monthly pass is now even more affordable!

It decomposes cellulite and subcutaneous fat, drain excess liquid, and restores skin elasticity at once.

Recommended for those who want to concentrate and change body in a month, and have a lot of concerns.

☑︎Localized fat


☑︎Flaccid skin

☑︎water retantion

☑︎Postpartum recovery

☑︎Stretch marks

Enjoy the feeling that your body becomes healthy at once, such as detoxification, relaxation and refreshment, as well as improvement of cellulite, body shape, and subcutaneous fat by treatment once every 3 days.


You can choose the concentration body part from the following:

Arms, abdomen, back, lower back, buttocks, saddle bags, front/inner/back thighs, calves

Duration is 5-15 minutes for each part.


【Limited offer monthly pass】

60min* x 10(max): normal price RM5080 → RM762(85%off)

45min x 10(max): normal price RM3780 → RM682(82%off)

30min x 10(max): normal price RM2760 → RM552(80%off)

*60min treatment includes 20min detox care

The most optimal interval (once every 2-3 days or 1 week) according to your skin condition will be proposed by personal consultation.

This monthly pass is valid for 1 month from the first use.

Please note that the expiration date cannot be extended even if the 10 times are not used up within 1 month.


【Big Chance!]

Apply for this monthly pass by 25th March 20201, to get TEN SCIENCE fat burning & toning wrap treatment as a free gift!

Please contact us for more details at our salon, or message to WhatsApp.


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